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*mumbles a bit* um, my first post

I wrote this a while ago, but as I haven't written anything recently that is worth sharing I thought I would use this. I haven't written much at all lately, I'm hopeing being part of this will help get me to do more.

Tuesday Morning

Restless night results
sheets twist around me like vines.
Sunlight breaking through blinds
making stripes all across me.

Light through a prism
dazzles my unrested eyes
then melting my mind down
slow and sticky, like syrup.

Perhaps that explains
why the thought of you is stuck.
So that I find no peace
in this bed you've never known

All of this sunlight
has nothing on your smile.
No colors that I see
match the pale green of your eyes.

The start of my day
and I don't feel as myself.
Rather just as some thing,
reduced and wanting only you.
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