Dreamstatic (kodrana) wrote in shedding_ink,

More people who don't suck should be here. Emphasis on the don't suck, cause we don't suck, we rule

OK, now I know this isn't my community, but I have a few ideas, well more like questions:

Can I ask some people that I have found to be good writers to join? Perhaps there could be an application process so you two can see something they have written?

If there is to be an application process I think that would be cool. I hate a lot of what most people write, it's contrived, silly and devoid of any type of talent. This isn't to say I am all that great myself, I haven't written anything I've really liked in years. But I want to avoid teen angsty crap, such as:

This rose I bought you is gray
Gray like our love
Dead and gray
Like this rose I bought you
dead, like our love, gray and dead

and the like. I'm sure you both know what I mean. I'm not saying everything that will appear here will be award winning and awe inspireing, but I like originality, feeling, emotion and cleverness: Like what you guys write. Anyway, let me know what pours from your brainmeats on this stuff, and if you guys have more ideas about it I want to discuss them. I love this place so far and I think it could grow really well.
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