Jon (piceandreamer) wrote in shedding_ink,

The Answer

The meloncholy themes of alcoholic schemes
Fractionally fulfilled my unreachable dreams
My soul's been tested now ripped at the seams
Like Roland Deschain I follow the path of the beam
The light & the way, the unshakeable team
The Father above in whom I always believe
The Son & the Spirit who let me be free
Through Him I can do everything I perceive
Giving my people just a tase of relief
By finding the words, that help them to see
That shit ain't so bad in this L-I-F-E
But don't believe what I say, just know what I mean
I'm not spittin' off game or blowin' off steam
Pen to my pad is my way of release
No conceited deceit I'm only speaking for me
I don't have the answers, or the reasons to be
So don't ask that of me, it's a task I can't do
The solution you seek, resides within you.

copyright Jon Maddron, 2005
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I like it.
:-) thanks.

It's more meant to be heard than read.

i enjoy performing this more than i have anything else... and i've performed a lot of work in the past... so that's sayin' somethin'.
I love this, love it! First off you mention Roland, and the path of the beam, and that is something I understand. I also like the parts about the Father the Son and the Sprit. Thanks for sharing.
:-) i'm glad you enjoyed it.